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 Forum/Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Forum/Guild Rules   Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:48 am

Hello everybody! Below you will see a list of Forum rules, which you will have to follow.

Before you decide to post, please read the following rules:


Forum Rules:
- Do NOT spam.
- If you do NOT have anything worth posting, DON'T post it. (Example: "Ha." or "Smile" ) Admins will delete your post.
- Be sure to stay on topic.
- Be nice and respectful.
- Do not discuss drug use, use of illegally downloaded software, or any other illegal activity.
- Personal attacks will not be tolerated.
- No hate mails/messages.
- Do NOT start rumors and gossip.
- Racial slurs or other discriminatory comments regarding race, sexual orientation, religion, or gender will not be tolerated.

Guild/Raid Rules:
- If you take something out of the Guild Bank, be sure to replace what you took.
- Respect one another.
- Must be active/social, and prepared to do Dungeons and/or Raids.
- In addition to being available for runs/raids- ensure you are on at least 20 minutes before the raid is set to start and
that your gear/gems enchants are complete. If you are unable to be on 20 minutes before hand, please notify an Officer attending the raid.
- make sure you have atleast a dedicated 2-3 hours for the raid. If you should choose to leave in
the middle of a raid with out telling anyone before hand you will be penalized. We have a 3 strike policy.
- MUST have vent and be able to hear raid leader instructions. (there is no requirement for you to talk but you may wish to acknowledge what is said in raid chat).
- For Cataclysm Raids there will be an expectation of you having raid awareness and a basic knowledge of the boss fights. If you do no know them WATCH the youtube vid's about them.
- Be respectful to others in the raid group.
- Must Study!!!! The fights are difficult and tricky, It is a must that you have a basic knowledge of how the boss fights go and we have posted links to the forum for
you to go and view the fights and get a feel for what is to be expected. We don't expect you to memorize the fight but we do expect you to know it.[/color]
- NO pissing in the well in Dalaran. People live there.

(Note: These rules are also posted under General Raid Schedules in the TsK Raids Events Catagory)

**Note: Please try to keep your forum name the SAME as your MAIN CHARACTER's name. You MUST register an account to be able to reply and see all hidden topics**
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Forum/Guild Rules
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